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Welcome to the BMC Archives. This section of the site was created to archive the session handouts and Monthly Contests from the Circle since 1998. To navigate this page, simply select the desired year you wish to view under either Session Handouts or Monthly Contests. The info for that year will be displayed underneath your selection.

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Instructor Topic Notes
Sam Vandervelde "The Game of STOMP" 
"Graph Theory"
Paul Zeitz "Graph Theory I (PDFPS)
Paul Zeitz "Graph Theory II" (PDFPS)
Paul Zeitz "Graph Theory III" (PDFPS)
Vera Serganova "Affine and projective transformations of the plane" (PDFPS)
Tom Davis "Combinatorics: How to Count Things" (PDFPS)
Bjorn Poonen "Inequalities" (PDFPS)
Olga Holtz "Polynomials" (PDFPS)
Paul Zeitz "The marriage of number theory and statistics"  
Robin Hartshorne "Area and Dissection"  
Tom Davis "Constructions with a Straightedge and Compass" (PDFPS)
Tom Rike "The Heptadecagon" (PDFPS)
Alexander Givental "What is Linear Algebra"  
Alexander Givental Interactive session on a mixture of topics  
Elwyn Berlekamp "The Dots and Boxes Game"  
Joshua Zucker "Counting: Binomial coefficients everywhere!" (PDFPS)
Joshua Zucker "Counting and symmetry"  
Zvezdelina Stankova "Vectors - Application to Problem Solving, part I" (PDFPS)
Quan Lam "Infinite Descent with applications on problems"  
Zvezdelina Stankova "Vectors - Application to Problem Solving, part II" (PDFPS)
Ted Alper "BAMO Preparation", beginners  
Ivan Matic "BAMO Preparation", advanced (PDFPS)
Olga Holtz "BAMO Preparation", general session  
Zvezdelina Stankova "Proctoring BAMO 2006 @ BMC"  
Dan-Andrei Geba "BAMO Aftermath"  
Quan Lam "Inclusion/Exclusion Principle"  
Paul Zeitz "Generating Functions"  
Tatiana Shubin "Geometric Combinatorics" (PDFPS)
Vera Serganova "Complex Numbers and Geometry" (PDFPS)
Tatiana Shubin "Finite Geometries" (PDFPS)
Tom Rike "Archimedes and the Arbelos" (PDFPS)
Tom Davis "Casino Gambling and Sucker Bets"