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Handouts 2003-2004 (Archives)

Welcome to the BMC Archives. This section of the site was created to archive the session handouts and Monthly Contests from the Circle since 1998. To navigate this page, simply select the desired year you wish to view under either Session Handouts or Monthly Contests. The info for that year will be displayed underneath your selection.

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Instructor Topic Notes
Zvezdelina Stankova "Multiplicative Functions I" (PDFPS)
Zvezdelina Stankova "Multiplicative Functions II" (PDFPS)
Tom Davis "Catalan Numbers" (PDFPS)
Bjorn Poonen "Elliptic Curves" (PDFPS)
Alexander Givental "Pentagon, Icosahedron, ... What's next?", Part I (PDFPS)
Alexander Givental "Pentagon, Icosahedron, ... What's next?", Part II (PDFPS)
Maksim Maydanskiy "Curvature"  
Vera Serganova "Non-Euclidean Geometry" (PDFPS)
Elwyn Berlecamp "Game Theory"  
Joshua Zucker To Be Announced  
Quan Lam "Continued Fractions"  
Tom Davis Rubik's Cube  
Joshua Zucker To Be Announced  
Dmitry Fuchs To Be Announced  
Tom Rike "Archimedes" (PDFPS)
Quan Lam "Inclusion-Exclusion Principle and Its Application to Some IMO Problems"  
Paul Zeitz Probability  
Ted Alper To Be Announced  
Paul Zeitz BAMO Preparation (Beginning)  
Ioana Dumitriu BAMO Preparation (Advanced)  
Zvezdelina Stankova BAMO Preparation (General) (PDFPS)
Maksim Maydanskiy BAMO Aftermath  
Tom Rike "Euler" (PDFPS)
Tatiana Shubin "Finite Geometries"  
Bjorn Poonen "Linear Recursive Sequences" (PDFPS)
Tatiana Shubin "Geometry of Complex Numbers"  
Tom Davis "Computability"  
Zvezdelina Stankova To Be Announced