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Welcome to the BMC Archives. This section of the site was created to archive the session handouts and Monthly Contests from the Circle since 1998. To navigate this page, simply select the desired year you wish to view under either Session Handouts or Monthly Contests. The info for that year will be displayed underneath your selection.

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Instructor Topic Notes
Mira Bernstein "A Few Words About Proofs" (PDFPSHTML)
1. Zvezdelina Stankova Vectors - ASpplications to Problem Solving, Part I (PDFPS)
2. Zvezdelina Stankova Vectors - ASpplications to Problem Solving, Part II (advanced) (Note: same handout as above)
2. Joe Buhler The Mathematics of Juggling (beginners)  
3. Bjorn Poonen Linear Recursive Sequences (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
3. Alexander Givental P-adic Numbers (advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
4. Tom Davis Rubik's Cube and Groups (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
4. Eugene Mukhin Symmetric Polynomials (advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
5. Paul Zeitz How vs. Why (general) (PDFPSHTML)
6. Paul Zeitz Graphy Theory (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
6. Gabriel Carroll Monovariants (advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
7. Ted Alper Two-player games, in real life and Math Olympiads (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
7. Paul Zeitz Graph Theory (advanced) (Note: same handout as beginners' session)
8. Bjorn Poonen Infinity (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
8. Dmitriy Fuchs 27 lines (advanced) (Abstract: HTML)
9. Jeff Dinitz, University of Vermont Scheduling Tournaments and Leagues (public lecture) (Link to multimedia page at MSRI: HTML)
10. Tom Davis Geometric Constructions, Part I (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
10. Joshua Zucker Number Theory (advanced) (PDFPSDOC)
11. Tom Rike Geometric Constructions, Part II - Mascheroni and Steiner constructions (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
11. Vera Serganova Number Theory, Part II - Representing an integer as a sum of squares (advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
12. Dmitriy Fuchs Cusps (general) (Abstract: HTML)
13. Mira Bernstein Information Theory (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
13. Kiran Kedlaya Number Theory: What is an algebraic integer and why should I care? (PDFPSHTML)
14. Tom Davis Encryption (general)



15. Joshua Zucker Polynomials and Problem-Solving (beginners)  
15. Eugene Mukhin Gordon Identity (advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
16. Joshua Zucker Polynomials, part II (beginners)  
16. Dario Ameodei and Austin Shapiro Towers of Powers (advanced)  
17. Dmitry Fuchs One plus square root of two to the power ten, and other interesting numbers (beginners) (Abstract: HTML)
17. Zvezdelina Stankova Algebraic Geometry Part I(advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
18. Quan Lam Complex numbers in geometry (beginners)  
18. Bernd Sturmfels Groebner bases (advanced)  
19. Quan Lam Permutation Group and its Isomorphisms (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
19. Zvezdelina Stankova Algebraic Geometry Part II (advanced) (Note: Same notes as in #17 above)
20. Kiran Kedlaya BAMO practice session (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
20. Ted Alper BAMO practice session (advanced) (PDFPS)
21. Wungkum Fong BAMO practice session (beginners) (Note: solution for the problems in Kiran's handout PDFPSHTML)
21. Eugene Mukhin BAMO practice session (advanced)  
22. Zvezdelina Stankova BAMO 2001 practice session (general)

Practice Exam I: (PDFPS)

Practice Exam II: (PDFPS)

23. Robin Hartshorne The Algebra of Reflections: Applications of Analytic Geometry to Problems in Plane Geometry (general)  
24. Vera Serganova Diophantine Equations (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
24. Oaz Nir Quadratic Reciprocity (advanced)  
25. Tatiana Shubin Group Theory (beginners)  
25. Gabriel Carroll The Structure of Z/pZ (advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
25. Tatiana Shubin Ring Theory (beginners)  
25. Andrew Dudzik Generating Functions (advanced)  
26. Alexandre Chorin Introduction to Computational Physics: Numerical methods and partial differential equations (general)  
27. Tom Rike Dynamic Geometry: Solving Problems Using Isometries (beginners) (PDFPSHTML)
27. Maksim Maydanskiy Problems With Parameters (advanced) (PDFPSHTML)
28. Kiran Kedlaya USAMO practice session (general)

Problems: (PDFPSHTML)

Solutions: (PDFPSHTML)