The Berkeley Math Circle

Apply to the Berkeley Math Circle- Upper (Grades 5-12)

Application Dates to Watch For:

BMC-Upper Spring 2024 Applications now closed! (see below for information on remaining spots for Advanced)
BMC-Upper Summer 2024

BMC-Upper Summer 2024 Program will not occur. The decision whether to hold BMC-Upper Summer 2025 will be taken in due time.

MTRW Fall 2023 Applications now live! Click here for the application
BMC-Elementary (Grades 1-4) For more information, please click either on the link for BMC-Elementary directly to the left in the table, or in the BMC Elementary tab on the side tab 

BMC-Upper Spring 2024 Application Now Live!

The application for BMC-Upper Spring 2024 is now CLOSED.

A few spots remain for some exceptional students for the Advanced Group. Students may email with a description of their grade level, math background, and any math achievements to inquire about remaining spots.

Advanced students to be considered for acceptance for BMC-Upper Spring 2024 must have mastered Calculus and/or higher college math courses, and/or have won regional, national, or international math competitions, and/or have participated in national math research programs leading to publication of original math research.

Unfortunately, all other groups -- Beginners I-II and Intermediate I-II -- are full and we have closed the application portal for them.

MTRW Fall 2023 Application Information


MTRW Fall 2023 Program information

Fall 2022 Dates:

  • First day of class: August 21, 2023

  • Last day of class: December 4, 2023

We will have 15 Mondays of class, all from 5-8pm. Note that MTRW will not be meeting on November 20th, the week of Thanksgiving.


Projected modes for Fall 2023

We will only be offering HYBRID mode for enrollment (with the exception of a possible remote cohort, discussed below).  This means all families should be prepared for both possibilities: online sessions and in-person sessions.  

As of early May, we anticipate that MTRW sessions in the Fall 2023 semester will be held IN-PERSON, possibly with occasional online sessions as needed.  This plan is contingent on compliance with local and campus health guidelines.  The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of utmost importance, and there is a chance that MTRW classes may have to return to remote status at some point.  Local and campus health guidelines will be considered before making such a call.  

If there is sufficient demand, we may offer two cohorts for one of the levels -- one expected to meet on campus (with a switch to remote status only if needed for health and safety reasons), and one that will meet exclusively online for the entire semester.

Families must commit to attending online AND in-person sessions of MTRW in Fall 2023, regardless of when/whether a change of mode may occur. It is possible, but unlikely, that a move to remote classes is necessary for some MTRW groups but not for others, in which case siblings may be split between attending on campus and attending online at the same time. 

Once enrolled students have paid their enrollment fees, no refunds will be provided to families, regardless of changed personal circumstances or if sessions move between in-person and online modes.


Application link 

Application for MTRW Fall 2023

The application for MTRW Fall 2023 for both continuing and new applicants will be completed entirely online. A link to an online payment form will be sent to families once your student has been accepted into the program. 

Priority Application deadline: Monday, May 22, 2023

Applications submitted after this date will only be considered if space remains after processing those received by the deadline.  Admission into the program is not guaranteed, even for continuing students who submit by the deadline.

In the event that there is still space available, there will be an additional $25/student late processing fee for students who apply June 1, 2023 or later.


6A/7A/8A/9A: $795

9A Proofs-only Subgroup: $265

Early application submissions are preferred. This allows us to begin reviewing applications and to make decisions promptly. 

We highly recommend that you do NOT submit the form through your phone, as the lack of options on the phone make it hard to properly fill the form, and we often receive multiple applications for the same student if submitted on the phone.


Application Process

Applications will be reviewed later this month, but we often have enough applicants to fill all levels within just a few days of opening this application portal. The selection process will be based on a timely and complete application and submitted payment through PayPal and on high academic qualifications. We may not have space for all MTRW Spring 2023 students to continue in the program. Priority will be given to those who have shown dedication to and growth in MTRW. We also expect to accept some strong new students.

The enrollment fees for the program will be paid AFTER the student is accepted and will be done so via PayPal. After the student is accepted, families will have 48 hours to submit the enrollment fees or risk their student being put on the waitlist for the program. 

In the event that there is still space available, there will be an additional $25/student late processing fee for students who apply June 1, 2023 or later.

Enrollment for MTRW Fall 2023 will be finalized as soon as the groups reach capacity. 

MTRW staff will be primarily on summer break from mid-June until mid-August.

You must NOT contact BMC/MTRW staff with routine or non-emergency questions at any time: we do NOT reply to such email inquiries as we do NOT have the resources to answer questions from many hundreds of families on email. Instead, wait until the BMC and MTRW restart in August and you can ask us or other families in person.