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Apply to the Berkeley Math Circle- Upper (Grades 5-12)

Application Dates to Watch For:

BMC-Upper Spring 2023 (Grades 5-12) Applications are now live!
MTRW Fall 2022

Applications are now closed.

BMC-Elementary (Grades 1-4) For more information, please click either on the link for BMC-Elementary directly to the left in the table, or in the BMC Elementary tab on the side tab 

BMC-Upper Spring 2023 Application Now Live!


Program information

  • Program Dates: Jan 18 - May 3, 2023
  • Time: Wednesday evenings (exact times for each BMC-Upper group level are listed in the application)
  • Projected Modes:
  • ONLINE mode for Beginners I and Advanced groups. The Advanced group may have some possibility for HYBRID zoom/in-person sessions (to be decided when sessions start).
  • IN-PERSON mode for Beginners II, Intermediate I, and Intermediate II groups on UCB campus.


Application Link

Application for BMC-Upper Spring 2023

The Application for BMC-Upper Spring 2023 for both continuing and new applicants will be completed entirely online. A link to an online payment form will be sent to families once your student has been accepted into the BMC-Upper Spring 2023 program. 


  • Continuing BMC-Upper student application due date:  Dec 1, 2022
  • New BMC-Upper student application due date:  Dec 8, 2021
  • The fee for BMC-Upper Spring 2023 is $254 (this includes PayPal fee)
  • Continuing Students: Applications submitted after Dec 1 are not guaranteed entry into the program (and most likely, we will have closed enrollment for continuing students by then). If we admit any continuing student who submitted an application on or after Dec 1, there will be an extra $25 of processing fee by Dec 8, $50 extra on or after Dec 9, 2022, and $100 extra on or after January 1, 2023.

    New Students: Applications submitted after Dec 8 are not guaranteed entry into the program (and most likely, we will have closed enrollment for new students by then). If we admit any continuing student who submitted an application after Dec 8, there will be an extra $25 of processing fee by Dec 15, $50 extra on or after Dec 16,   and $100 extra on or after January 1, 2023.


Early application submissions are preferred. This allows us to begin reviewing applications and to make decisions promptly. Decisions will be made on an on-going first-come-first serve basis for continuing applicants. For new applicants, we will make the decisions after the due date.


Do NOT submit the form through your phone, as the lack of options on the phone makes it hard to properly fill the form, and then we often receive incomplete or multiple applications for the same student.  In addition, some applicants write on their phones (or tablets) their names or other information without any caps or in all caps; such information is NOT edited and it propagates as such into all program rosters and other documentation. Thus, everyone needs to take the application process seriously, write all information correctly, and submit applications through laptops or desktops whenever available.


Application information for Continuing students

Continuing students include everyone who is currently enrolled in BMC-Upper Spring 2022: Beginners I, II, Intermediate I, II, and Advanced. For students who would like to apply to move up to a higher BMC-Upper group level, the optional higher group placement application is included in the application link provided above.

Continuing student application due date: Dec 1, 2022


Application information for New students

New students include any student who is currently enrolled in BMC Elementary or any student who is NOT currently enrolled in BMC-Upper Fall 2021. 

New student application due date: Dec 8, 2022


The following documents will be required for new students. New applicants will upload these documents to the application link provided above when prompted to do so. Please acquire these additional documents prior to filling out the application form to prevent unsaved question responses and needing to re-complete the application.

CONTINUING students applying for a higher group placement MAY strengthen their application by submitting these two documents, or MAY elect to skip one or both steps.

  • Letter of recommendation from a math teacher: The letter from the math teacher must address the mathematics knowledge, performance and potential of the students. The letter can be in the form of an email, which can be saved then uploaded. The letter can also be a previous recommendation letter that addresses students' math skills. If such a letter is not available, but the student has won math competitions and/or participated in prestigious math/science programs before, a substitution document addressing such achievements will be considered.
  • The latest school report card must show, among other things, grades in mathematics, in science, and in English (reading/writing), as well as behavior grade/description. If such a report card is not available from the spring semester, the latest fall semester report card may be submitted.


Expected Application Details and Release Date: Applications have now opened (see below).


MTRW Fall 2022 Application Information


MTRW Fall 2022 Program information

Fall 2022 Dates:

  • First day of class: August 29, 2022

  • Last day of class: December 5, 2022

Note that MTRW does not have any weeks off during this time period.  In particular, we WILL meet on Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples' Day, Halloween, and the Monday before Thanksgiving.  The schedule is tight in the fall, which means that we do not have space to cancel class for holidays.


Projected modes for Fall 2022

While we are eager to return to in-person meetings for all levels, the safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of utmost importance, and we must also consider any logistical difficulties with scheduling groups to return to campus.  Local and campus health guidelines will be considered before making the final call.  

We will only be offering HYBRID mode for enrollment.  This means all families should be prepared for both possibilities: online sessions and in-person sessions.  As of June 2022, we anticipate that most MTRW sessions in the Fall 2022 semester will be held IN-PERSON, with occasional online sessions as needed.  This plan is contingent on compliance with local and campus health guidelines, as well as the availability of appropriate meeting spaces on campus. 

The two most likely paths for any given level are a) meeting on campus for the entire semester, or b) beginning with several weeks of online meetings before transitioning to on-campus meetings for the remainder of the semester.  That said, the move to in-person sessions may happen at the beginning of the semester or anytime during the semester or it may not happen at all and the sessions may stay online for the whole semester.  Some levels may be cleared to come back to campus while others remain online longer. 


Families must commit to attending online AND in-person sessions of MTRW in Fall 2022, regardless of when a move to in-person sessions may happen. Keep in mind that if a move to in-person classes happens for some MTRW groups but not for others, siblings may be split between attending on campus and attending online at the same time. No refunds will be provided to families, regardless of changed personal circumstances or if sessions move between online and in-person modes.

The above modes may change as the health situation and logistics change. Upon applying and enrolling for the spring semester, all families should be prepared to be online AND in-person, depending on what the conditions are. For in-person sessions, COVID vaccination proof or 3-day COVID negative testing for every session will be required from all students and adults. If UC Berkeley and/or State/County authorities require masks and other health measures, families must be prepared to satisfy these requirements. 

In-person sessions will NOT be recorded. Online sessions will be recorded, whenever feasible and agreeable with the instructor, and posted for viewing to MTRW families.

No refunds will be provided after a student is enrolled in the program for the Fall 2022 semester, regardless of what the mode of sessions is (hybrid, online, or in-person).


8A Modes and Cohorts

For the 8A level, we will be having two separate cohorts this fall: with one cohort meeting in-person on the Berkeley campus and one cohort meeting remotely on Zoom for the entire semester. Moreover:

  • The two separate 8A cohorts would cover the same curriculum with different, but overlapping, sets of instructors.
  • We will expect live/synchronous attendance in real time for both cohorts, with active participation by students.  Students should not schedule conflicting activities, and we do not anticipate sharing recorded classes for either cohort/mode.
  • For logistical reasons, each student would have to be in one cohort or the other; it will definitely not be possible to choose week by week or occasionally attend with the other cohort.
  • This setup is restricted to 8A.
  • We cannot guarantee everyone will get their first choice of mode, but our hope is that most students can be assigned to their preferred cohort.


Application link (NOW CLOSED)

Application for MTRW Fall 2022

The application for MTRW Fall 2022 for both continuing and new applicants will be completed entirely online. A link to an online payment form will be sent to families once your student has been accepted into the program. 

  • Application deadline:  June 15, 2022

  • Applications submitted after the due date will only be considered if space remains after processing those received by the deadline.  Admission into the program is not guaranteed, even for continuing students who submit by the deadline.

  • If we admit any student who submitted an application after the deadline, there will be a  late processing fee of $25 in addition to the enrollment fees below.

  • Fees

    • 6A/7A/8A/9A: $795

    • 9A Proofs Subgroup: $265

Early application submissions are preferred. This allows us to begin reviewing applications and to make decisions promptly. 

We highly recommend that you do NOT submit the form through your phone, as the lack of options on the phone make it hard to properly fill the form, and we often receive multiple applications for the same student if submitted on the phone.


Application Process

  • Applications will be reviewed later this June, but we often have enough applicants to fill all levels within just a few days of opening this application portal. The selection process will be based on a timely and complete application and submitted payment through PayPal and on high academic qualifications. We may not be able to continue all MTRW Spring 2022 students.  We will select only those who have shown dedication to and growth in the program. We also expect to accept some very strong new students.

  • The enrollment fees for the Fall 2022 program will be paid AFTER the student is accepted and will be done so via PayPal. After the student is accepted, families will have 48 hours to submit the enrollment fees or risk their student being put on the waitlist for the program. 

  • In the event that any groups have space remaining after June 15th, there will be a late processing fee of $25 for any accepted students whose applications are submitted after this date.

  • Enrollment for MTRW Fall 2022 will be finalized as soon as the groups reach capacity. You must NOT contact BMC/MTRW staff with routine or non-emergency questions at any time: we do NOT reply to such email inquiries as we do NOT have the resources to answer questions from many hundreds of families on email. Instead, wait until the BMC and MTRW restart in the fall and you can ask us or other families in person.