The Berkeley Math Circle


The purpose of the Berkeley Math Circle and the Bay Area Mathematics Olympiad is to increase the quality and quantity of students who become mathematics educators and researchers, or who simply love and use mathematics in their studies, work and daily activities. Specifically:

  • to draw kids to mathematics and to motivate them to excel in the subject;
  • to draw kids to the program who are economically disadvantaged and who might otherwise not attend;

  • to prepare them for mathematical contests;
  • to introduce them to the wonders of beautiful mathematical theories, and
  • to encourage them to undertake futures linked with mathematics, whether as mathematicians, mathematics educators, scientists, computer scientists, economists or business leaders.

The program hopes to achieve these goals by:

  • exposing middle and high school students to exciting mathematics presented by research mathematicians and internationally-seasoned Olympiad problem-solvers;

  • providing extracurricular opportunities to extend mathematical knowledge and skill well beyond the high school curriculum;

  • creating a math fostering and friendly atmosphere at the math circle, where love for mathematics is the driving force behind devoting each Sunday afternoon to the BMC lectures;

  • encouraging and facilitating teachers from schools with economically disadvantaged students to bring these students;

  • encouraging participation from economically disadvantaged schools by awarding such schools' libraries with math books at the end of each semester for regular attendance in the circle and participation in BAMO.

  • giving opportunities to students to meet and work with other students of similar or superior math abilities and aspirations;

  • creating a forum (the Olympiad exam and the BMC monthly contests) for testing one's math competition skills;

  • providing invaluable advice on college selection, summer math programs and internships, and future mathematical orientation.

The Program aspires to give to the Bay Area middle and high school students what their peers in Eastern Europe and China have been receiving "for free" from their governments: math and other science and humanities circles in every school, where teachers are compensated for the extra effort and where tight relations between secondary and college faculty ensures the extraordinary quality of students' education.

The fundamental idea of the Program is to create such amazing opportunity in mathematics for any Bay Area kid, to welcome and encourage any kid to attend, to discover raw talent where it wasn't seen before, to draw kids from different backgrounds, different schools and economic means to love and to know mathematics, and hopefully to use it in their career and life choices in the future.