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Welcome to the BMC Archives. This section of the site was created to archive the session handouts and Monthly Contests from the Circle since 1998. To navigate this page, simply select the desired year you wish to view under either Session Handouts or Monthly Contests. The info for that year will be displayed underneath your selection.

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Instructor Topic Notes
Mira Bernstein "A Few Words About Proofs" (PDFPSHTML)
Zvezdelina Stankova Inversion in the Plane, Part I (Abstract
Zvezdelina Stankova Inversion in the Plane, Part II (Abstract
Bjorn Poonen Elliptic Curves (PDFPSHTML)
Zvezdelina Stankova Inversion, Part III (Abstract)
Dmitry Fuchs Combinatorial Identities - Euler, Gauss, Jacobi, McDonald and Others  
Tom Davis Projective Geometry (Abstract
Paul Zeitz and Mira Bernstein Colored Hats and Hamming Codes (Abstract)
Austin Shapiro Fibonacci Numbers (JPG)
Bjorn Poonen Inequalities (PDFPSHTML)
Kiran Kedlaya Fixed Points and Fair Divisions (Abstract
Ted Alper Induction (Abstract
Tom Davis Polya's Counting Theory (Abstract
Joe Buhler Games and Graphs (Abstract
(Gameboards: BridgitChessChess 7x7Hex 9x9Hex 8x8)
Dmitry Fuchs Evolutes and Involutes  
Inna Zakharevich Hilbert's Third Problem (PS)
Tom Rike Maxima and Minima Problems WITHOUT Calculus (Abstract
Tom Davis Homogeneous Coordinates (Abstract
Serkan Hosten Convex Polytopes  
Paul Zeitz Journey to the Center of Pascal's Triangle  
Paul Zeitz Journey to the Center of Pascal's Triangle
BAMO practice (general)
Maksim Maydanskiy BAMO practice (general) (DOC)
Zvezdelina Stankova BAMO practice (general) (PDFPSHTML)
Neil Herriot and Inna Zakharevich BAMO Aftermath  
Andrew Dudzik Generating Functions  
Tom Rike Infinite Series (Abstract
Carl Mautner and Maksim Maydanskiy Theorems of Pappus and Pascal and Cubic Curves (Abstract
Alexander Givental Regular Polyhedra in 2D and 3D  
Kiran Kedlaya "This Talk Is Under Construction" A paper mentioned in the talk can be found here. (Abstract
Kiran Kedlaya USAMO Practice Session (PDFPSHTML)
Tom Rike An Intriguing Geometry Problem (Abstract
(PDFPSHTMLSupplemental Figures)