The Berkeley Math Circle

BMC Upper Spring 2018 Application for New Students

BMC Upper Spring 2018 Application


for anyone NOT enrolled in BMC Upper Fall 2017!

Students who ARE ENROLLED in BMC Upper Fall 2017, you have been given instruction on how to continue. Do NOT use this form if you are currently enrolled in BMC-Upper Fall 2017

You MUST COMPLETE and send in all 5 items below to be considered for the program!

1. Online Application Form BMC Upper New Student S18 (<-- click), Deadline Dec 5, 2017

2. Check for $185, Deadline Dec 5, 2017

  • written to United Math Circles Foundation
  • student name and BMC group on note line of the check
  • bring to Evans 714, UC Berkeley, during the Circle Tues 5-8pm, OR
  • slide, in a sealed envelope, under the door of Evans 713, OR
  • mail to Berkeley Math Circle - Upper, c/o Prof. Stankova, Evans Hall 970, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-3840

3. Mandatory New Students Questionnaire (<-- click), Deadline Dec 5, 2017

  • You could either type your response in the space included in the online form in item 1, or print out the file and send it in with your check by Dec 5, 2017
  • This must be completed by the student only, without any parent's involvement.
  • We recommend using this form to include formulas, diagrams, etc and make a strong application.

4. Letter of Recommendation from math teacher, Deadline Dec 5, 2017

  • must be a hard copy and received with the check

5. Latest School Report Card, Deadline Dec 5, 2017

  • must have Math, Science, English grades and Behavior Remarks
  • must be a hard copy and received with the check


Reserve emails only for emergencies, not convenience.

  • Questions can be answered in office hours during the math circle (Tuesdays, 5:15-5:45pm; 6:15-7:45pm) in person at Evans 714.
  • Please remember, emergencies are not caused by the lack of organization, preparation, or diligence.
  • Between 5:45-6:15pm: this is the time when we prepare the classrooms and the materials for the circle. This is our priority. We will not answer any administrative questions during this time frame.

At the circle, we direct most resources to the academic quality of the program. Therefore, we expect participants and families to be organized and respect our minimal admin staff's workload. When you have important questions, you need to invest the time and effort in coming to office to have them answered. Most questions can be answered through the information posted here on this website.

DO NOT send email inquiries about your application status. You will be contacted via email when your application is processed.