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Math Taught the Right Way Program

MATH TAUGHT THE RIGHT WAY is a math program of the Berkeley Math Circle for middle and high school students at UC Berkeley, held for 3 hours 5-8pm on Mondays throughout the academic year. The program is intellectually demanding, testing and encouraging the mental development of students in a content-rich and challenging environment of algebra, geometry, and problem solving. The MTRW does NOT conform to generic U.S. labels of math classes (e.g., Algebra 1, Algebra 2, etc.). By the end of 9th grade the MTRW will have surpassed the regular U.S. math curriculum by a lot, not just in breath but more importantly in depth. Learning to "read and write mathematics" is a skill that is emphasized at the MTRW as the basis for communicating mathematics.

The instructors at the MTRW have Ph.D., M.A., BA's in math or other related degrees in science, and are distinguished teachers at the Berkeley Math Circle, universities and elite middle and high schools. The MTRW has homeworks every week in each of the three subjects. HWs are graded and returned the following week. There are final exams in each subject. Report cards are generated each semester with % of completed regular and bonus work, as well as statistics of the corresponding classes, and a list of top performers and winners in various categories.

Math Taught the Right Way 2019 Applications

To Apply to Math Taught the Right Way Fall 2019, click here.  ***Please note that the 6A, 7A, and 8A Groups are now full and registration for 6A, 7A, and 8A is now closed. 9A is still open.***

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Fees for MTRW Fall 2019:

Early Bird Fee:

If the fee is received and student is registered by June 17, 2019:

Regular Fee:

if the fee is received and/or student is registered on or after June 18, 2019: