The Berkeley Math Circle

Application to MTRW Spring 2018

MTRW Spring 2018 Waitlist for 8B Application

This waitlist is ONLY for a few spots for very advanced students applying to the 8B group.

6B and 7B registrations have closed. Do not APPLY for 6B or 7B group.

ONLY apply to the waitlist if you are fully committed to participating. We will admit qualifying students with COMPLETE application automatically as spaces open.

The number of application has exceeded the capacity of the program. We have closed the application portal and open a waitlist. However, we won't be able to accept all applicants, due to limited space in certain groups or insufficient academic qualifications of some students for a specific group. Keep in mind:

  • The MTRW S18 program is NOT intended for 5th graders, especially new incoming 5th graders: they may NOT qualify for the program, as they have not covered the 6A curriculum, despite their families insisting that children are ahead of the school curriculum: indeed, all of our students are expected to be much-much ahead of their school curriculum, and what is covered in school is rarely (if ever) relevant to what the students learn at the MTRW program.
  • The MTRW program is not "only" advanced in terms of the subjects and topics it covers, but it also emphasizes correct and deep reading and writing of mathematics, multiple and efficient solutions, and logic and communication in mathematics: these are features not typically part of the regular school curriculum and they CANNOT be acquired quickly by doing a few worksheets or reading a few pages over winter break.
  • Applicants whose checks don't arrive by the time we consider the applications (which will be sometime this week) will also be put on the waitlist. Thus, some students on the waitlist will likely be accepted, according to space openings and academic qualifications for specific groups. 


  • We will notify everyone of acceptance status by December 15 or earlier. Do NOT inquire about your acceptance status until Dec. 15.
  • Some new families are emailing BMC and MTRW staff with all sorts of routine and non-emergency questions. We remind everyone that email to BMC and MTRW staff is strictly for emergencies that cannot be answered in person in office hours Tu/Th 5:15-5:45pm, 6:15-7:45pm in Evans 714/713 during the days when we are actually not teaching at BMC or MTRW. Email to BMC and MTRW staff is NOT for convenience of the families: we have 500 students and twice as many parents, and we do NOT have resources to sit for hours and answer routine emails from even a small fraction of the families. Both programs are running on minimal financial resources and no faculty in the programs is working at the programs as his/her main job. Both programs are done in our extra time and we, as mathematicians, do them for our love of mathematics. We devote most of the resources of the programs to the academic running of the programs, NOT to administrative communications on email.
  • Students whose families abuse the email policy and send us routine emails that can be answered in person during office hours or by other parents during the programs, will not be allowed into the programs or their acceptance into the programs will be revoked.

ONLY apply to the waitlist if you are fully committed to participating. We will admit qualifying students with COMPLETE application automatically as spaces open.

In order for your application to be considered complete, you must finish BOTH steps below!

1. Complete this online form:  Online Waitlist Application to MTRW Spring 2018 Form

2. Send us a check (refer to this page for fees and information)

  • written to United Math Circles Foundation
  • student name and grade on note line of the check
  • mail to Berkeley Math Circle - Upper, c/o Prof. Stankova, Evans Hall 970, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-3840
  • OR, bring the check in person, in a sealed and addressed envelope, to Evans 713, UC Berkeley, and slide it under the door.


Reserve emails only for emergencies, not convenience.

At the circle, we direct most resources to the academic quality of the program. Therefore, we expect participants and families to be organized and respect our minimal admin staff's workload. When you have important questions, you need to invest the time and effort in coming to office to have them answered. Most questions can be answered through the information posted here on this website.

DO NOT send email inquiries about your application status. You will be contacted via email when your application is processed.

Our staff will be on winter break starting mid-December to second week of January. We do not have the resources to answer your email questions and inquiries. Read the information posted on the website and INSIDE the online form carefully to find answers to most (if not ALL) of your questions!