The Berkeley Math Circle

Application to MTRW Fall 2018


  • A week after opening the application portal for MTRWF18, we are full on levels 6A, 7A, and 8A. We have closed the application for MTRWF18 6A, 7A, and 8A groups. 
  • We are building up a new, advanced group in 9A in the fall. This group is 2/3 full, so we will leave the application open over the summer just for 9A (qualifying 9th graders and above). Those who have applied to 9A on-line but have not submitted the checks: we expect that the group will be full, so if you do not send us a check in a timely manner, you may lose your spot over the summer.

MTRW Fall 2018 Application

In order for your application to be considered complete, you must finish BOTH steps below!

1. Complete this online form:  Online Application for Students in Grades 9-12

2. Send us a check (refer to this page for fees)

  • written to United Math Circles Foundation
  • student name and grade on note line of the check
  • Preferred method of delivery: Bring the check in person, in a sealed and addressed envelope, to Evans 713, UC Berkeley, and slide it under the door (during normal business hours).
  • mail to Berkeley Math Circle - Upper, c/o Prof. Stankova, Evans Hall 970, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-3840

Sample check.png


Reserve emails only for emergencies, not convenience.

At the circle, we direct most resources to the academic quality of the program. Therefore, we expect participants and families to be organized and respect our minimal admin staff's workload. When you have important questions, you need to invest the time and effort in coming to office to have them answered. Most questions can be answered through the information posted here on this website.

DO NOT send email inquiries about your application status. You will be contacted via email when your application is processed.

Our staff will be on summer break abroad from July 1 until the early August. We do not have the resources to answer your email questions and inquiries. Read the information posted on the website and INSIDE the online form carefully to find answers to most (if not ALL) of your questions!