The Berkeley Math Circle

BMC Summer 2017


  1. General Information

BMC Summer 2017 is scheduled for:

  • Time: Monday – Friday 9am-12pm
  • Date: June 19-30, 2017.
  1. Structure

  1. The Summer Program will be a mixture of the new adapted Bulgarian curriculum (as taught at the Thursday MTRW Program) and math circle sessions. The higher the level of the group is, the more math circle emphasis there will be. In the younger groups the emphasis will be on school math curriculum after a leading Eastern European model.
  1. BMC Summer is planned to have the usual groups:
  • Beginners (grades 6-7 in fall 2017)
  • Intermediate I (grades 7-8 in fall 2017)
  • Intermediate II (grades 8-10 in fall 2017)
  • Advanced (must qualify or by invitation only)
  1. Application process

To apply to the program, you MUST COMPLETE this two-step process

  1. Complete the online form:     BMC Summer 2017 Online Application Form
  2. Send us check of $450

written to:          United Math Circles Foundation

either mailed to:

  •         Berkeley Math Circle - Upper
  •         c/o Prof. Stankova, Evans Hall 970 
  •         Department of Mathematics
  •         University of California at Berkeley
  •         Berkeley, CA 94720-3840

or dropped off in person at UC Berkeley, Evans 713 in a sealed and addressed envelope, by sliding under the door.
 On the note section of the check, please, write:   the name of the student and the group you are signing up for. 

**** NOTE:  No checks will be deposited until a student is accepted into the program. Once a check is deposited, it is neither fully nor partially refundable. A deposited check cannot be exchanged for another student, cannot be rolled over to another program or used for any other purpose.

  1. The Selection Process

    1. We will admit qualified applicants on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    2. As usual, a placement test will be administered to applicants via a take-home exam in early June, in order to determine the level of the school math curriculum of each participant.

********The following students will be exempted from the placement test********

  • Any student who completes the Spring 2017 Program Math Taught the Right Way.
  • Any student who is currently in BMC-Advanced.
  • Any student who completed the full summer program 2016 in the Advanced group.
  1. Faculty and Schedule

The faculty of the Summer Program have been finalized and will consist of Ph.D. Mathematicians and Mathematicians with advanced math education, who have great experience in teaching at both the MTRW and BMC Programs:

                                       Dmitry Fuchs, Ph.D., UC Davis

                                       Elysee W.-Egolf, B.A. UCB, Bentley High

                                       Evan O’Dorney, BMC alumnus, Princeton

                                       Harry Main-Luu, BMC asst, UC Berkeley

                                       Kelli Talaska, Ph.D., UC Berkeley

                                       Laura Pierson, BMC alumna, Harvard

                                       Norm Prokup, Ph.D., College Prep, Oakland

                                       Petra Munih, Ph.D. Biophysics/Structural Biology

                                       Pratima Kapre, Ph.D., Santa Clara University

                                       Quan Lam, Ph.D., MBA, Office of UC President

                                       Sam Vandervelde, Ph.D., Proof School

                                       Zvezdelina Stankova, Ph.D., UC Berkeley

******** NOTES *******

  • The Summer Program will have daily HWs in each of the three classes. We expect that HWs will take from 1 to 3 hours each day, depending on the background of each student in the corresponding math subjects.
  • We strongly advise against signing up students at the Summer Program concurrently with other (academic) classes in the afternoon or evening during June 19-30: it will be too much for the students! Signing them up for some art or sports camp in the afternoon will be fine; but the best will be for the students to go home, have a hearty lunch, relax, and then do the Summer Program HW. This is enough for a daily schedule of an intense 10-day math program.