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Application Dates to Watch For:

BMC Fall 2020 The BMC-Upper Fall 2020 application is now CLOSED.
MTRW Fall 2020 The application for Fall 2020 is now live. Please read below.




Our 6A, 7A and 8A groups are now CLOSED; the 9A group is almost full. The application process is still continuing but we expect that we will complete it soon. If your student has not applied yet, this is a fair warning to apply right away. 

  • We have started contacting and rescinding acceptances to the few families who did not submit their payment to PayPal for MTRW Fall 2020 within 48 hours of receiving their acceptance offer, and we have started offering their spots to other students who have applied. To the families who did not pay within 48 hours of acceptance: if we come back to re-offer you again a spot, it will not be at the Early Bird price but at the regular price, regardless of whether the date is before or after June 15th. 
  • If you are among the few families who were accepted but haven't submitted their payment through PayPal, please submit your payment to PayPal right away before 48 hours has elapsed from the time your student received their acceptance offer. Explanations that you did not receive the offer because you were away from your email and so on will not be accepted.
  • We aim to accept only the families who are most committed to MTRW and who consider it first priority over other activities and subjects. And due to the high demand for MTRW F20, we are very selective.
    • We have declined acceptance to students who did not engage in and did not show academic improvement during the MTRW Spring 2020 semester. 
    • We have put some students on probation for MTRW Fall 2020 if they did not do well on one or two of their classes in MTRW Spring 2020 and/or in previous semesters.
  • We have not yet communicated with all families who have applied. If you are among those families, please be patient.
  • Do NOT send us inquiries about your student's placement and and ask if they are accepted. No routine or non-emergency emails to our staff are allowed. If there is any new information, it will be sent, as much as feasible, to all families at the same time.

The Fall 2020 MTRW application link can be found here.

(Please continue reading. Below, there is important information regarding the application process.)

Program dates

Date: August 24, 2020 - December 7, 2020 (No class on September 7 due to Labor Day)
Time: Monday evenings  
Location: UC Berkeley campus

We have been holding Spring 2020 MTRW sessions online during the closure of UCB campus. MTRW sessions in the Fall 2020 will be held on campus for as long as UCB campus is open and allows for in-person classes. When UCB campus is closed and does not allow in-person classes, we will hold the MTRW sessions online via Zoom. Sessions will be recorded, whenever feasible and agreeable with the instructor, and posted for viewing to MTRW families. 

The application for Fall 2020 will be completed entirely online. A link to an online payment form will be provided in students' MTRW Fall 2020 acceptance email.

Important note for BMC-Upper families who are considering also applying to MTRW

  • Acceptance to MTRW Fall 2020 will be very competitive and even current MTRW students are not guaranteed acceptance in Fall 2020. Thus, students need to act fast when the portal opens, and complete the online application.
  • If your student(s) were accepted to BMC-Upper in Beginners I, II, or Int I groups in Fall 2020, they will be given last priority during the application process for 6A, 7A, 8A groups of MTRW, as we are directing students to attend one or the other program, but not both. Students may apply to any MTRW group, but be aware of this restriction.
  • If your student(s) were accepted in BMC-Upper Int II or Advanced groups in Fall 2020 and apply to 9A group of MTRW Fall 2020, you can attend both programs, as long as there is space when you apply.

Program details

  • Math Taught The Right Way is a math program of the Berkeley Math Circle for middle and high school students at UC Berkeley, held for 3 hours 5-8 pm on Mondays throughout the academic year. The program is intellectually demanding, testing and encourages the mental development of students in a content-rich and challenging environment of algebra, geometry, and problem-solving. MTRW does NOT conform to generic U.S. labels of math classes (e.g., Algebra 1, Algebra 2, etc.). By the end of 9th grade the MTRW will have surpassed the regular U.S. math curriculum by a lot, not just in breadth but more importantly in depth. Learning to "read and write mathematics" is a skill that is emphasized at MTRW as the basis for communicating mathematics.
  • The instructors at the MTRW have Ph.D., M.A., BA's in math or other related degrees in science and are distinguished teachers at the Berkeley Math Circle, universities and elite middle and high schools. The MTRW program has homework every week in each of the three subjects. Homework assignments are graded and returned the following week. There are final exams in each subject. Report cards are generated each semester with % of completed regular and bonus work, as well as statistics of the corresponding classes and a list of top performers and winners in various categories.
  • Similar to BMC-Upper, MTRW sessions in Fall 2020 will be held on campus when and for as long as UCB campus is open and allows for in-person classes. If the UCB campus is closed and/or does not allow in-person classes, we will hold the MTRW sessions online via Zoom, similar to what you all have already experienced the second half of this semester; in such a case, sessions will be recorded, whenever feasible and agreeable with the instructor, and posted for viewing to MTRW families.

The Fall 2020 MTRW application link can be found here.

Application process

  • The application process will likely be completed within just a few days of opening this application portal. The selection process will be based on a timely and complete application and submitted payment through PayPal and on high academic qualifications. We will NOT be able to continue all MTRW Spring 2020 students; for those who wish to continue in the Fall, we will select only those who have shown improved performance and dedication to the program.
  • Unlike previous semesters where the enrollment fees were paid using only checks, the enrollment fees for the Fall 2020 program will be paid AFTER the student is accepted and will be done so via PayPal. After the student is accepted, families will have 48 hours to submit the enrollment fees or risk their student being put on the waitlist for the program. As a note, the prices have increased from last semester due to fees related to the program’s new payment system (PayPal) and to measurements to comply with the new California Employment Law. However, there are still early-bird deadline fees by June 15 and the regular fees on or after June 16.
  • Enrollment for MTRW Fall 2020 will be finalized as soon as the groups reach capacity, which has historically happened within a few days. You must NOT contact BMC/MTRW staff with routine or non-emergency questions at any time: we do NOT reply to such email inquiries as we do NOT have the resources to answer questions from many hundreds of families on email. Instead, wait until the BMC and MTRW restart in the fall and you can ask us or other families in person.



The BMC-Upper Fall 2020 application is CLOSED.

BMC-Upper Fall 2020

  • Date: September 2, 2020 - December 9, 2020
  • Time: Wednesday evenings  
  • Location: UC Berkeley campus

BMC sessions in the Fall 2020 will be held on campus for as long as UCB campus is open and allows for in-person classes. When UCB campus is closed and does not allow in-person classes, we will hold the BMC sessions online via Zoom. Sessions will be recorded, whenever feasible and agreeable with the instructor, and posted for viewing to BMC families. 


BMC-Upper summer 2020 APPLICATION NOW closed!

    The BMC-Upper Summer 2020 application is CLOSED.

    BMC Summer Program

    • Date: June 15- June 26, 2020, Monday-Friday
    • Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
    • Location: Online
    • Description: The BMC Summer Program is an intensive two-week math program where students will participate for three hours a day in math sessions and also have daily homework for practice. Enrolling in another summer camp at the same time as the BMC Summer Program is strongly discouraged, as students will NOT have enough time to absorb the material from the three math classes and write their three daily HWs, and hence will lag behind their classmates. Some families did not take this seriously and enrolled their children in afternoon camps or afternoon/evening classes elsewhere, and found out within a couple of days that the child had to drop the other program in order to keep up with the BMC program. The BMC Summer Program is a hybrid between the Berkeley Math Circle and the Math Taught the Right Way programs (in each Beginners, Intermediate I, and Intermediate II group). The Advanced group over the summer will enjoy an intensive Berkeley Math Circle experience.