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BMC Upper for Spring 2019 - Application

Applications are now closed.

BMC-Upper Spring 2019 is scheduled to be on Wednesdays, January 23 through May 9, 2019.

Come to office hours with any questions regarding applications.

MTRW Spring 2019 - Applications- 6B, 7B, 8B closed, 9B still open. 

​​​​​​Click here to apply (6B, 7B, and 8B applications and waitlists are now closed. 9B is still open).

UPDATE (as of 11/3/18):

  • 6B, 7B, and 8B MTRW Spring 2019 applications and waitlists are now CLOSED.

  • the 9B group for Spring 2019 is still accepting applications.

  • Please note that if you are a waitlisted applicant, if you turn in your check to Evans 714 (and if  your online application is already completed) before a regular applicant, you will be moved to the regular list of applicants for consideration.

To learn more about the program, click here.

Do NOT email BMC/MTRW staff for questions regarding registrations. Instead, please come see us in person during office hours, posted on the Contact Page.

Berkeley Math Circle Summer 2019 Program - Application